13 Short Christmas Nail Ideas We Want to Copy This December

ombre gold glitter nails

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When it comes to holiday nail art, dozens of festive designs flood our feeds this time of year. From candy cane manis to red French tips, there's something for everyone. There's one catch, though. Often, these holiday nail trends are overwhelmingly displayed on long nails. What about folks with short nails? Don't worry; we've got you covered.

As Christmas nears, we're here to show you that there are plenty of trendy holiday nail art ideas that look fabulous on short nails, too. Ahead, find 13 examples of short Christmas nails.

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Red French Tips

red plaid print manicure

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Another color that works impeccably for a Christmas-ready manicure? Red. Use red, white, and light pink polish to create the perfect plaid print.

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Peppermint Accent Nails

Peppermint Accent Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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Glitter nails have been hugely popular in 2023, so this chunky red glitter manicure fits right in. While the ruby-red nails could work on their own as a Christmas nail look, the peppermint swirl accent nails take the manicure up a notch.

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Matte Evergreen Nails

Matte Evergreen Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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Matte nails have been making quite the comeback. To lean into the trend for Christmas, consider an evergreen base with gold half-moon accents at the cuticle. Don't forget to complete the look with a matte top coat (like the OPI Matte Top Coat, $12).

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Universal Holiday Nails

Universal Holiday Nails - Byrdie Short Holiday Nails

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Mismatched manicures are a fun option for anyone who has trouble deciding on a single nail look. This mix-and-match manicure, in particular, is ideal for those who want to truly bring the beauty of the holidays to their fingertips.

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Dainty Holly Nails

Dainty Holly Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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You can never go wrong with a Santa-red manicure for Christmas. To add an intricate element to the bold nail look, consider a couple of nude accent nails with holly appliqués.

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Tinsel French Tips

Tinsel French Tips - Byrdie short Christmas Nails

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French manicures are a wonderful option for folks with short nails, as you can tailor the width of the tip to suit your nail bed. For the holiday season, consider swapping out your classic white tips for a touch of tinsel. One of our favorite silver nail polishes is the Emilie Heathe Nail Polish ($30) in the shade Mr. M.

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Ombre Glitter Nails

Ombre Glitter Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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Glitter ombré nails have been popping up everywhere. The dreamy nail look works for all seasons, but with a combination of gold and silver glitter—or even a touch of pink—it's giving Sugar Plum Fairy.

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Christmas Star Nails

Christmas Star Gold French Manicure - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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Pay homage to the Christmas star with this short nail look. This matte gold French manicure with metallic stars and gemstone accents is a beautiful design.

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Metallic Grinch Nails

Metallic Grinch Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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We can't think about Christmas without thinking about the Grinch—and this green chrome nail look is the perfect way to honor the beloved cartoon character. Plus, chrome nails are very on-trend, so this nail look will turn heads for more than one reason.

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Festive Tartan Nails

Festive Plaid Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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If you got dolled up as a kid to visit Santa, there's a good chance you wore a red tartan dress or suit at one point or another. Lean into the nostalgia with this intricate plaid nail look.

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Dual Finish Red French Tips

Dual Finish Red French Tips - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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Dual-finish French manicures are a bit of an optical illusion, featuring glossy and matte finishes. Opt for a red, green, silver, or white color palette to make it work for Christmas. Apply a matte top coat on the base of your nail and a glossy polish to the tips.

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Plaid Wrapping Paper Nails

Plaid Wrapping Paper Nails

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Tartan is a staple Christmas print, and this is another way to bring the statement fabric to your nails. This time, spruce green polish serves as the backdrop with subtle stripes of red and gold. Pretty, right?

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Candy Cane Lane Nails

Candy Cane Lane Nails - Byrdie Short Christmas Nails

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Lean further into the candy cane vibes with this vibrant look. From the swirls to the tiny candy cane decals, this manicure is sweet and chic.

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