Selena Gomez's Chunky French Mani Is a Y2K Fantasy

We love a throwback.

Selena Gomez taking a selfie on a plane with AirPods in


We all know by now that if it's a Selena Gomez manicure, it's drop-dead gorgeous. The superstar just always has a perfect paint job on her nails—trying out all the latest and greatest trends while also creating a few of her own. She's worn everything from chrome,"bubblegum disco," "bare bombshell," and a cherry Jello manicure. Her latest look? A throwback to the early 2000s.

On November 19, Selena Gomez virtually attended the 2023 Billboard Music Awards to accept her award for "Top Afrobeats Song" for her collaboration with Nigerian artist Rema, "Calm Down." To accept the award, she got all dolled up in a crocheted floral dress, slicked back hair, and, the reason we're all here, her Y2K French manicure.

Selena turned to her go-to manicurist, Tom Bachik, to create her mani for the moment.

Not so much the muted, mini French that has reigned supreme so far in the 2020s—see Lori Harvey, Dua Lipa, and Katy Perry for proof—this French manicure was a call back to the early 2000s. Medium-length and squared-off, her nails had a bed of nude pink with high gloss. Instead of a more 2023 cream shade, the tip was a stark white shade, and extended an inch or two off her finger before the sharp square edge.

She paired the nails with a minimalist beauty look to keep the focus on her colorful dress. Her hair was in a high pony slicked down to her scalp. For makeup, she kept her skin dewy with a warm-toned nude lip; some think eyeliner and light gold glitter eyeshadow. 

If you saw her chunky French mani and felt the urge to ditch the baby French look on everyone's fingers, don't worry; we have you covered with the step-by-step.

Selena Gomez accepting her billboard music awards with chunky Y2K French nails

Billboard via Youtube

First, you will need to remove any lingering polish with nail polish remover. Then, cut and file your nails to the desired length and shape; this would also be when you apply any press-ons or tips for extra length. Then, buff the surface of your nails for an even bed and apply a layer of your favorite base coat.

Then, paint the entire nail the color of your base. To match Selena, go with a light pink similar to OPI's Baby Take a Vow ($12). Then, once dry, outline the tip with a piece of tape and paint over it with a bright white like OPI's Funny Bunny ($12), peel, and let dry.

With that, all that's left is a layer of your favorite top coat and a dollop of nail oil for health. Then, you will be ready to win a Billboard Music Award or just live out your Y2K fantasies.

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