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Mental Health & Mood

Mental health and mood can often meet at the intersection between your body and your mind. Here, we'll report on the latest scientific advancements and expert-backed advice for your own personal mental health journey.

Woman sitting cross-legged meditating near incense smoke
Sound Baths Will Level Up Your Meditation Experience—Learn What to Expect

Woman relaxing in the sun
Manifestation Is Undergoing a Rebrand—And This Time, It's All About Psychology

Elyse Fox
Mental Health Advocate Elyse Fox Discusses Maybelline's Brave Together Initiative

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This Is What Happens When You Don't Get Enough Sleep, According to the Experts

Woman sleeping in a bright room
9 Steps to Fixing Your Sleep Schedule, Straight From the Experts

woman holding flower
“Cocoon” with Acceptance: How to Reset Your Wellness Routine for Spring

two people kissing
How Understanding Your Attachment Style Can Help You Reset Your Dating Life

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How I Quit Drinking and Started Listening to My Body

Vibe Check with Mel B
Mel B Opens Up About Her Mental Health Journey and Embracing Her Curls

Young woman writing on notebook at sunset in park
“Scripting” Is the Manifestation Practice Going Viral on TikTok—Here’s How It Works

Photo of Jennifer Li
I’m Spending Lunar New Year Untangling Generational Curses

Pinterest plus-sized search engine filter
Pinterest Is Launching New Body-Type Technology for a More Inclusive Feed

Model wearing a black dress by Danielle Guizio
Let's All Agree to Get Dressed This Winter

Jiggy puzzles is redefining wellness one puzzle at a time
TikTok is Making Puzzles Cool Again—Meet the Most Stylish Option of 2023

Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale Opens Up About Experiencing Stress-Induced Alopecia

Moon ritual: pink sky and full moon
How I Finally Nailed Mindfulness, Thanks to the Moon

Oil Diffusers
The 16 Best Oil Diffusers of 2023

Shot of an young woman hugging her boyfriend while bonding with him at home
We Asked Therapists to Explain Why We Attract Emotionally Unavailable People

Woman looking sad.
37 Ways to Feel Better When Having a Bad Day

This Is Why You Have Anxiety After Drinking, According to Science
This Is Why You Have Anxiety After Drinking, According to Science

breakup book
5 Books to Read If You're Going Through a Breakup

8 Reasons You Should Start Gratitude Journaling

Young woman posing in her under garments
Don't Fixate on a Number: The "Healthiest" Weight Range Is Different for Every Body

hair dye
This Is Why You Can't Stop Dyeing Your Hair

woman smiling
How to Actually Enjoy Downtime, According to Psychologists

5 Honest, Personal Stories From Women Who Have Gotten Abortions

The Power and Pleasure of Dopamine Dressing
The Power and Pleasure of Dopamine Dressing

Grace Van Patten sitting outside
Grace Van Patten On "Tell Me Lies" and Taking Care of Her Mental Health

Woman in orange sweater reclining in car seat
Here's How to Relieve Anxiety During Your Period, According to Experts

So You Picked Your Skin Too Much: Now What?

woman looking into the camera
How to Manifest, According to a Neuroscientist

woman with tattoo
Are There Mental Health Benefits to Memorial Tattoos? Experts Say Yes

woman with eyes closed
Meet Transcendental Meditation: The Meditation Technique for Busy Minds

What People Don't Know About Love After a Toxic Relationship

An Author Explains Why Women Supporting Women Is the Way Forward

Unpacking "Doorknob Confessions": An Avoidance Tactic Our Brains Employ in Therapy

Roxie Nafousi
We Talked to a Self-Development Coach About How to Recover From Burnout

happy person smiling on picnic blanket in the sun
10 Ways to Be Happy With Yourself Right Now

woman's mid section laying on floor
How Moving From Italy to America Helped Me Learn to Love My Body

Woman taking care of rough skin
Here's The Real Reason You Can't Stop Picking Your Skin

woman smiling
How to Increase Your "Feel-Good" Hormones Naturally, According to Experts

Three women with different body types posing together in black athletic clothes
Dressing for Your Body Type Is a Myth—Here's What to Do Instead

Float tank
Floatation Therapy: What to Expect and Benefits

Woman Enjoying The Sunlight With her Eyes Closed While Sitting on the Wooden Floor
I Tried Hypnotherapy to Calm My Anxiety—Here's What It's Like

women with hand over eyes
How to Cope With a Sudden Onset of Anxiety

woman touching her hair and wearing a white blouse
What Is Slow Living, And How Do You Practice It?

Harnaaz Sandhu
Harnaaz Sandhu on Self-Confidence, Social Media, and Skincare

Hmmm...well that's interesting
10 Important Things I Learned When I Gave Up Instagram for a Week

Joey King's Happiness Is "In Development"

Halsey and her baby on the beach
It Takes a Village to Get Dressed Postpartum

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We Know Beauty Filters Are Bad For Us, But Is Anything Changing?

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes Is Bringing Boredom Back

Rituals Keeping Us Balanced
7 Easy Rituals That Keep Us Feeling Balanced

Woman wearing a fur-lined pink coat and pink sunglasses during NYFW in Feb. 2022.
How to Dress for Seasonal Affective Disorder

A couple holding hands
Why I'm Taking a Break From Dating

hallie gould
Can I Just Say: I'm Tired of Everyone Telling Me I Look Tired

LGBTQIA+ couple solving relationship problems in therapy
Best Online Therapy for LGBTQIA+
woman with curly hair looking away with eyes closed
How to Do a Life Audit and Let Go of What Doesn't Serve You

woman staring at phone
5 Signs You Should Unfollow People on Instagram For Your Mental Health

How to Protect Your Mental Health While Advocating and Protesting

Curly haired young woman in blue top and shorts
How to Practice Self-Compassion When You Don't Love Your Body

woman sitting
My Sex and Love Life Drastically Improved When I Quit Dieting

"I'm in therapy" black sweatshirt by APT C3
Stressed But Well-Dressed: The Rise of Brutally Honest Mental Health Merch

woman smiling outside
4 Easy Tools That Help When Life Feels Stressful (or Totally Out of Control)