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From lipsticks to lip balm to lip liners, we'll gladly feed your lipstick obsession here (also expect lipstick trends and roundups of the best lipstick colors).

Let’s Get Specific

Ariana Grande with a pony tail and banded top
Ariana Grande Traded Her Go-To Nude Lip for a Rare Cherry Moment

Salma Hyeck wearing red lipstick
We Found Salma Hayek's Go-To Red Lipstick

Taylor Swift wearing red lipstick at the Kansas City Chiefs Game
Could This Be Taylor Swift's Game Day Red Lipstick?

Taylor Swift with a bright red lip color, wavy hair, and gold jewelry
Taylor Swift Traded Her Signature Red Lip For an Unexpected Shade

Jennifer Lawrence on a red carpet with a black off-the-shoulder dress and bright red lipstick
We Found the Exact Red Lipstick Jennifer Lawrence Wears on the Red Carpet

Lady Gaga looking at the camera
Lady Gaga's Black Cherry Lipstick Is a Subtle Nod to Halloween

Sofia Richie in a hair and makeup chair taking a selfie in an blue blazer
Sofia Richie Grainge Just Brought Back Concealer Lips, and It's Actually Very Chic

Jennifer Lopez in a red strapless dress a tan lips
Jennifer Lopez Just Wore a Rare Bold Lip

Julia Fox wearing huge silver hoop earrings and colorful makeup
Julia Fox Just Shared Her Go-To Soft Goth Lip Combo

Fenty Glossbomb Heat, Half Magic Blus. and Rare Beauty Blush against a beige, sunlit background
The Best Blush and Lip Combos Ever, According to Makeup Artists

Olivia Rodrigo wearing a red bra and red lipstick at the 2023 VMAs
Olivia Rodrigo Wore This Exact Red Lip Combo for Her VMAs Performance

Hailey Bieber wearing strawberry makeup
Hailey Bieber Uses This $5 Lip Liner for Her Go-To Summer Makeup Look

Hailey Bieber applying the new Rhode Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment
Hailey Bieber Says Rhode's New Launch Is the Finishing Touch to Her Strawberry Makeup Look

Byrdie writer Taylor Augustin before and after applying MAC's Squirt Plumping Gloss Stick to lips
MAC’s Squirt Plumping Gloss Stick Gave My Lips a Juicy, Tinted Sheen

Byrdie writer Khera Alexander before and after applying the Kosas Wet Stick lipstick in sunset simmer
The Kosas Wet Stick Gave Me Full, Juicy Lips Without Feeling Sticky

Ten Rare Beauty lipsticks in various colors
What Is Lipstick Color Theory? Makeup Artists Explain How to Choose a Shade

Hailey Bieber applying Rhode's Jellybean Lip Tint
Rhode's New Shimmering Lip Tint Is Inspired By a Y2K Staple

Rihanna on the red carpet
Rihanna Just Cosigned the Gothy Lip Liner Trend

Byrdie Editors' Lip Combos for Fall
The 8 Best Lip Combos for Fall, According to Byrdie Editors

Megan Thee Stallion applying lipstick
Megan Thee Stallion's Blueberry Ice Lips Are the Coolest Take on Bold Liner

Byrdie Editor Red Lip Combos
8 Ways to Wear a Red Lip, As Seen on Byrdie Editors

alix earle wearing shiny berry-colored lip
“Jelly Lips” Are the Juicy Makeup Trend We’re Wearing All Summer Long

Elton John and Charlotte Tilbury
Elton John and Charlotte Tilbury Made Your New Favorite Party Lipstick

woman with black shimmer lip gloss
10 Bold Black Lip Liner Looks That Are Guaranteed Head Turners

Hailey Bieber wearing the Rhode Lip Tints
Hailey Bieber Is Dropping Your Favorite Rhode Lip Balm In Four Pretty Colors

Katie Holmes on the red carpet
Katie Holmes Went Unexpectedly Bold With a Red Velvet Lip

Lip Smacker 50th Anniversary Vault collection
Lip Smacker Celebrates 50 Years With a Giant Lip Balm Vault

Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock
Fenty's Cooling Gloss Bomb Ice Is the Chillest Lip Gloss I've Ever Tried

Various Lipsticks arranged on a neutral background
The 7 Best New Lip Products to Add to Your Fall Makeup Rotation

Byrdie contributor Janiah Mckelton
Clarins' Comfort Lip Oil Leaves My Dry Lips Super Shiny and Smooth

Cindy Kimberly, wolfiecindy, pouting for the camera
Cindy Kimberly Told Us the Secret to Her Signature '90s Overlined Lips

byrdie editor aimee simeon wearing pink lip gloss
Lawless' Juicy Lip Plumper Is My Go-To For Watermelon Lips This Summer

Bella Hadid wearing Charlotte Tilbury Lip Blur
Charlotte Tilbury’s New Lip Blur Gave Us “Rosebud Lips”

Byrdie Editors Showing Summer Lip Combos
The 5 Best Lip Combos for Summer, According to Byrdie Editors

Peripera Sale
TikTok Loves This Long-Wear Viral Lip Stain — and It’s on Sale for $7

Woman wearing Glossier G Suit Liquid Lipstick
Glossier's First-Ever Full Coverage Lipstick Is Here—And We Tried It

woman applying lip gloss
Lip Oil vs. Lip Gloss: Cosmetic Chemists Settle the Debate

Model wearing the cherry cola lips trend
Cherry Cola Lips Are the Juicy TikTok Trend We'll Be Wearing All Summer

Elsa Hosk with contoured lips
Lip Contouring Is Back in a Big Way Thanks to TikTok

Diamond Lips trend
Diamond Lips Are the Prettiest Makeup Trend on TikTok

Woman wearing lip bloss
Lip "Bloss" Is Taking Over TikTok

Merit Beauty Lip Oil
I Own Dozens of Lip Products And This Tinted Lip Oil Is My Staple For Winter

 Ella Balinska wearing dark red lipstick
TikTok Has the Best Lip Liner Hack for Crisp Edges That Won't Budge

Lawless Beauty’s New Tinted Lip Balm
Lawless Beauty’s New Tinted Lip Balm Gives Plump, Hydrated Lips Minus the Filler

Rihanna 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show
We Found the Exact Red Lipstick Rihanna Wore for Her Iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show

Model wearing Tower 28 JuiceBalm
Tower 28's Juicy New Balms Are a Treat For Your Lips

stars on woman's lower face
Lip Eczema May Be the Reason for Those Chronic Dry Patches on Your Lips

close up of woman's pink lips with glittery gloss
Lip Filler 101: The Benefits, Pain Level, and Results According to Derms

woman with gray hair against tan background
How to Treat Wrinkles Above Your Lips, According to a Dermatologist

Gym Lips Before and After
Why "Gym Lips" Is the Low-Key Makeup Trend I'll Be Wearing All Summer

Elsa Hosk in a yellow shirt
Elsa Hosk's Lip Contour Wand Gave Me a Supermodel Pout

A close-up of a woman wearing sunglasses and an updo with glossy, full, pink lips. 
Lip Blushing Is Like a Semi-Permanent Lipstick Tattoo—Here's What You Need to Know

Woman applying lip balm
I Tried Michelle Phan's Terrifying Trick for Plumper Lips

14 Best '60s Makeup Looks That Are Still Iconic

Ourself Products: Lip Filler, Peel, Dark Spot Treatment, and Lip Conditioner
This Topical Lip Filler Pen Is the Closest You'll Get to the Real Thing

Hailey Bieber wearing blue eyeliner and overlined lips
Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Smudged Liner, Coral Blush, and Extra-Glossy Lips

Editorial Director Faith Xue tests natural lip plumping products
We Put 3 All-Natural Lip Plumpers to the Test

TikToker wearing a nude lip liner and gloss combo
The Best Lip Combos Ever, According to TikTok

portrait of smiling person on green cloth
How to Pick the Best Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone, According to Makeup Artists

Close up of a woman adding a sugar scrub to her lips
How to Exfoliate Your Lips Like a Dermatologist

adut akech
14 Dark-Skin Friendly Nude Lip Products to Flex Your Complexion

Woman Overlining her Lips to Achieve a Fuller Lip Look
How to Overline Your Lips Naturally (Without It Looking Obvious)

These Natural Oils Just Might Replace Your Favorite Lip Balm

Madelaine Petsch
I Never Knew I Liked Lip Liner Until I Tried These Viral TikTok Techniques