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From short style ideas to longer haircuts and everything in-between, scroll through before your next salon visit.

Let’s Get Specific

Cailee Spaeny with a short bob haircut
"Le Petite Bob" Is the Chic, Ultra-Short Cut to Try This Season

Camila Cabello with shadow bangs
Shadow Bangs Are the Coolest Way to do Fringe This Fall

Doja Cat with a bright pink mullet, tiara, pink makeup, and a pink fuzzy shirt
The Stretched Mullet Is This Fall's Edgiest Haircut Trend

Daisy Edgar-Jones wearing a black dress and a stretched lob haircut
The Stretched Lob Is the Cool-Girl Cut Taking Over This Fall

Victoria Beckham on stage in the 90s
The '90s Posh Bob Is the Little Black Dress of Haircuts

maren morris
18 Brunette Bobs That Prove It's the Ultimate Cut and Color Combo

Emma Corrin with a "velvet crop" haircut
The "Velvet Crop" Is the Coolest Way to do Short Hair This Fall

HoYeon Jung
The "Hush Cut" Is About to Be Everywhere This Fall—Here's How to Get the Look

shaggy lob fall haircut trends
Fall 2023’s Biggest Haircut Trends: The '90s Supermodel Cut, Goddess Braids, and More

Kim Kardashian wearing a yellow jacket and curve bangs
Curve Bangs Are the Key to Growing Out Your Bangs Gracefully

Nessa Barrett wearing mall bangs
The '80s Are Calling—Mall Bangs Are Back

Dua Lipa with Medusa bangs
Don't Be Afraid of the Medusa Bangs Trend

Simone Ashley with a mermaid haircut
TikTok's Viral Mermaid Haircut Will Bring Your Waves to Life

Dua Lipa selfie
Dua Lipa Is the Latest Celeb to Debut a Pair of Wispy Bangs

Riley Keough with bangs
Summer 2023's Biggest Haircut Trends Include '70s Bangs and Bobs Galore

Jenna Ortega with a cub cut
The Cub Cut Is the Edgy Take on the Bob Trend

Ciara with a bubble bob
The Bubble Bob Is the Bouncy Take On 2023's Coolest Cut

Emma Corrin with a wixie cut
The "Wixie" Is the Short Haircut You're About to See Everywhere

Zoe Kravitz in a pink dress with Hepburn bangs
The Hepburn Bangs Trend Is a Modern Twist on Classic Glamour

Lori Harvey with a "slob" haircut
The "Slob" Haircut Is Way Chicer Than it Sounds

Jenna Ortega with a bedhead bob haircut
The "Bedhead Bob" Is the Effortless Way to do Short Hair

Hailey Bieber with a bob haircut
Spring 2023's Haircut Trends Include the Italian Bob, the French Bob, and the "Job"

Zendaya with a '90s supermodel bob
The '90s Supermodel Bob Is the Secret to Instant Volume

Khloe Kardashian with a princess updo and diamond necklace
Khloé Kardashian Just Got a Bouncy '90s Lob

Model Elsa Hosk with a fluffy blonde bob
15 Blonde Bobs That Prove It’s the Ultimate Old Money Combo

Kelly Clarkson wearing red lipstick and leopard dress
Kelly Clarkson Just Debuted New Wispy Bangs

Cardi B with blonde hair that is stamped with multi-colored crosses
Cardi B's Just Debuted Blunt Y2K Bangs

Katie Holmes at New York Fashion Week in a maroon dress and pin-straight brown hair
Katie Holmes Debuted Chic Full Bangs for Fall

Lady Gaga with platinum hair wearing blazer
Lady Gaga Channeled Her Inner Rockstar With a New Shag Haircut

Taylor Swift on stage in a purple gown
Taylor Swift Tried a Bob for Her Eras Tour Film Premiere

Selena Gomez wearing red lipstick
Selena Gomez Just Debuted a Sharp Lob

Saoirse Ronan with bangs on the red carpet
Saoirse Ronan Just Got an Ultra-Short Icy Platinum Bob

Lady Gaga with a black blazer on and her bleach blond hair in a wavy side part
Lady Gaga Just Debuted a Flippy Retro Bob

Close up of actors Paul Mescal (left) and John Boyega (right) with fade haircuts
Fades Are Among the Most Versatile (and Popular) Masculine Haircuts—Here's Why

Jane Fonda at the Tribeca Film Festival with her signature silver layered bob
Jane Fonda Traded Her Signature Pixie For a Curly Bob

Jenna Ortega wears a shoulder-length, half-up hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers
45 Face-Framing Hairstyles That Will Add Some Pizzazz to Your Everyday Look

Close up of Zendaya with a short butterfuly haircut
The Butterfly Haircut Can Totally Work For Short Hair—Here's How

Julia Fox wearing wings and drinking a Big Gulp
Julia Fox Just Wore the Longest Mullet We've Ever Seen

Megan Fox with pig tails
Megan Fox Just Debuted a Red Velvet Bob for Fashion Week

Celebries with Bob Haircuts
19 Celebrities Who Prove the Bob Is the Trendiest Haircut of the Year

Dakota Johnson with long brown hair
Dakota Johnson Traded Her Chocolate Brown Hair for a Blonde Bob

Kim Kardashian wearing pink top and wavy hair
Kim Kardashian Just Put Her Own Twist on Hepburn Bangs

Lady Gag selfie
Lady Gaga Just Revealed a Pair of Blunt Audrey Hepburn Bangs

Zendaya with a floppy malt shop bob and mesh shirt with blazer
Zendaya's Voluminous New Bob Is Perfect For Fall

Keke Palmer selfie
Keke Palmer Just Got a Dramatic '90s Chop

Yara Shahidi wears a voluminous shoulder-length curly hairstyle with bangs
Bangs Styles 101: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Maintaining a Look

Jenna Ortega on the red carpet
Jenna Ortega Has Wednesday Addams Bangs Now

Emma Stone with chest length red hair
Emma Stone Just Revealed a Platinum "Cool Girl" Bob Haircut

Kim Kardashian wearing jet black ponytail
Hold the Phone: Kim Kardashian Has a Blunt '90s Bob Now

Zoe Saldana on a balcony
Zoe Saldana Got a Chic French Bob for Summer

Doja Cat on stage
Doja Cat's New Bob is Equal Parts French Girl and E-Girl

Blackpink's Jennie wearing white
Blackpink's Jennie Got Wispy Bangs, and They're the Perfect Mix of Cute and Edgy

Jennifer Lopez in a black dress
Jennifer Lopez Just Got Full Birkin Bangs for Summer

Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz, Chrissy Teigen with Short Hair
The Ultimate Guide to Short Haircuts and How to Choose One

Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
Sydney Sweeney's New Fluffy Curtain Bangs Are the Perfect Retro Hair Inspo

Madonna on stage
Madonna's New Curly Shullet Is Such a Slay

Rihanna on the red carpet
Rihanna Brought Back Her Blunt Y2K Bangs

Zendaya, Selena Gomez, and Lizzo with bob hairstyles
The 11 Types of Bob Haircuts and How to Style Them

Reese Witherspoon in a white jacket
Reese Witherspoon Just Brought Back Her Iconic Y2K Bangs

Sadie Sink with long hair
Sadie Sink Now Has an '80s Schullet Haircut

Jennifer Lopez wears a voluminous wavy highlighted hairstyle with ghost layers
What Are Ghost Layers? Stylists Tell All About the Subtle Haircut Trend

Florence Pugh with a short blonde bob.
Florence Pugh Debuted a Fresh Buzzcut at the Met Gala

Jennifer Garner on the red carpet
Jennifer Garner Has a Soft Bob and Toffee Highlights Now

Cara Delevigne with beachy waves
Cara Delevigne Just Debuted a Beachy Bob