Glaze’s Super Gloss Made My Hair Shinier, Softer, and More Vibrant

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Glaze Super Color Conditioning Hair Gloss in Caramel Lights

Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss in Caramel Lights

Iman Balagam

What We Like
  • Adds shine, softness, and a subtle color boost

  • Easy to use

  • Clear option available

  • Doesn't stain skin

  • Accessible price point

What We Don't Like
  • Not ideal for achieving a dramatic change

If you're looking for a way to boost your color's vibrancy between appointments or simply want a treatment that adds shine and softness, Glaze's Super Color Conditioning Gloss is a solid option. It's easy to use, provides a subtle yet lasting result, and overall revives and refreshes your hair.


Glaze Super Color Conditioning Hair Gloss in Caramel Lights

Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss in Caramel Lights

Iman Balagam

We put the Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

One thing about me: there's always some sort of hair oil, mask, conditioner, or glaze in my hair. I want my hair to look as good as Matilda Djerf's, but because I color and heat style it so often, it can sometimes appear brittle and dull rather than bouncy and luminous. I've recently started using various hair glosses semi-regularly to maintain shine and even tone between appointments, so when I was asked to try Glaze Hair's Super Color Conditioning Gloss, I eagerly accepted the task. The brand is known for its quick results, and I was more than willing to give it a go, especially since my last highlight appointment was a few months ago. Keep reading for my full review and to learn whether this gloss is worth a try.

Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss

Best for: Color-treated hair or anyone looking to boost vibrancy, shine, and eliminate brassiness.

Uses: A hair gloss that enhances color while boosting shine and softness.

Potential allergens: Not likely

Hero ingredients: Babassu oil

Cruelty-Free? Yes

Price: $18 ($16 with a description)

About the brand: Founded in 2021, Glaze Hair's mission was to craft an at-home gloss that's user-friendly, uncomplicated, and safe, eliminating the need for a hairdresser on speed dial. The Super Gloss is the brand's first product and is suitable for all hair types, textures, and tones.

About My Hair: Curly, color-treated, and heat-damaged

Genetically, I have good hair, often receiving compliments from friends, salon experts, and even my trichologist. However, I've long been in denial about my hair's natural curl pattern, resorting to heat styling since my early teens. Consequently, it's become quite damaged, dry, and plagued with split ends. Fortunately, I have an arsenal of hair products at my disposal, so I invest a lot of time in deep conditioning, using various bonding agents, and incorporating leave-in conditioners, among other things.

I wash my hair two to three times a week, and before each wash, I apply a moisture mask for a few minutes (or even hours when I'm running errands). I also get my hair highlighted every three to six months, depending on how much time I have and whether or not I'm trying to bait a crush. My last appointment at Rita Hazan was a few months ago, so what were once light brown highlights have grown out and faded, leaving my hair in a blah state.

The Ingredients: Salon-quality nourishment

All shades of Glaze’s Super Gloss feature naturally derived babassu oil to moisturize, condition, tame frizz, and offer protection against environmental damage and heat styling. Lactic acid and tocopherol also work to improve the condition of hair, plus each formula (except clear) includes pigments to achieve the desired color. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from sulfates, silicones, ammonia, and parabens. 

The Feel: Lightweight and easy to use

I've used a lot of color-depositing glosses in my life, and typically, I'm prepared to plug my nose when applying them to my strands. However, the Glaze Super Gloss didn't have nearly as strong of a smell as others I've tried. Also, don't sue me, but I never use gloves (who owns disposable gloves?)—and this one didn't stain my hands the way some others do.

To apply, I spread a few pumps of the gloss throughout my sectioned hair, then put it up in a braid while I finally tackled the dishes I'd been avoiding. After 10 minutes, I rinsed it out with lukewarm water and followed my usual shampoo routine. Many products are too heavy for my hair type and don't rinse out easily, so I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need a second wash.

The Packaging: Easy to use and seals tightly

The Glaze Hair Gloss's packaging made the product incredibly convenient to use. It has a flip-off top, which made it easy to control how much gloss I squeezed out and ensured that I didn't overdo it.

The Results: Shiny, shampoo commercial-worthy hair

Byrdie writer Iman Balagam before and after applying the Glaze Super Color Conditioning hair gloss in Caramel Lights

Iman Balagam/Byrdie

My hair is so dark that it can be challenging to notice the results of a colored glaze, although there are times when I go for a blonder look, typically in the summer. In those cases, applying a darker gloss shade—usually auburn or dark brown, depending on my mood—can make a significant difference. Glaze's Super Gloss offers a range of 13 shades, and after looking at my options for ten minutes, I settled on caramel lights. 

At this point in my hair journey, it was a bit difficult to notice the results of the gloss immediately after stepping out of the shower. This might be more specific to those with dark hair: If you're using a colored gloss on lighter hair, the difference can be much more noticeable right away. Still, the brand strongly recommends using a permanent color before Super Gloss for best results if you'd like to go darker. But here's the thing about gloss: It isn't just about depositing color, as it can also add vibrancy and shine, neutralize tones, infuse moisture, and bring life back to dull strands. If you want to skip the color aspect altogether, the brand also offers a clear gloss, which may be what I try next time.

The Value: Worth it for in-between touch-ups

At $18 for a 6.4-oz. bottle with enough for two to three applications, the Glaze Super Gloss is an excellent way to add shine to your hair before big events or extend your color's vibrancy between salon visits. Each application is designed to last up to 10 washes, so as long as you use a color-safe shampoo and skip the daily wash, you can be good to go for quite a while. It's a pretty cost-effective option (especially if you're using it to stretch time between professional appointments), and the added nourishment makes the value even better.

Similar Products: You've got options

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss: This affordable hair gloss ($15) is the ultimate product for those who own an "I'm very busy" mug, plus it includes shine-boosting and conditioning benefits. It's suitable for use multiple times a week, and you can even apply it in the shower to keep it hassle-free.

DPHue Gloss+ Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Deep Conditioner: This conditioning gloss ($38) is one of my personal favorites. It comes in 11 shades, the results are immediate, and it takes a while to wash out. However, the scent is quite strong, so if you're not a fan of your bathroom smelling like a hair salon, it might not be the best choice for you.

Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss: You can easily extend your hair color, add a bit of tint, or eliminate brassiness with this color-reviving gloss ($30). If you prefer, you can also visit a Madison Reed salon for a gloss treatment if you want a professional touch or don't want to try it at home, although it's incredibly easy to use.

Final Verdict

Glaze's Super Gloss exceeded my expectations, especially because it's more affordable than other hair gloss options that I've tried in the past. Not only does my hair appear shinier, but it feels much softer, even after a few washes. I'm contemplating going for lustrous ebony the next time I want to try a darker hair color, or perhaps I'll take a break from color altogether and choose the clear gloss.


  • Product Name Super Color Conditioning Hair Gloss in Caramel Lights
  • Product Brand Glaze
  • Price $18.00
  • Weight 6.4 oz.

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