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The Fall Issue

Find our interview with Dove Cameron, our 2023 fall trend reports, and more.

letter from the editor

hallie gould editor's letter

Nothing fills my soul with joy quite like the turn of the season. Especially this season in particular. Summer gives me a hazy, humid, glimmery feeling—which is lovely—but fall? Fall is where my heart is. I want to lounge in cozy knits and big socks. I want to purchase brand-new trousers, boots, and belts. I want to smell vintage leather and pull turtlenecks up to my chin. I want to practically hear the air crisp up like the leaves. Writing this all down is like a brain massage. It's the start of something new, and I live for the full-body jolts of renewed excitement.

Like fall, our cover star, Dove Cameron, is going through her own change of season. She's launching into a new musical era with her forthcoming album, and everything about the music and her own self-reclamation, is darker, sharper, and more experimental than ever before. Along with her incredibly honest and thoughtful interview (and one of the most beautiful shoots we've done to date, IMO), this issue includes all the good stuff: fall shopping, trend forecasting, and all the beauty and style inspiration you want at a time like this (your fingers are consistently hovering above the "buy" button, right? Mine too.) We're all just out here trying to feel something. My hope is this issue will make you feel something good.

— Hallie Gould, editor in chief + GM

On the Cover

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The Alchemy of Dove Cameron

I have one question saved for Dove Cameron, but she beats me to it just minutes into our Zoom interview. Moments after we bond over the mutually messy state of our rooms (she’s in the middle of a massive cleaning and redecorating spree; I just live like this), she asks me for my star sign. When I answer Taurus, she basically squeals in delight. Dove is a Capricorn—an earth sign, just like me—and t...

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The B Side

The B-Side

We're flipping the script and spotlighting the geniuses behind these looks.

Dove Cameron Recirc

Get to Know Dove's Glam Team: Hairstylist Jacob Rozenberg and MUA Kale Teter

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Fall Is Here

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Trend Spotting

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