Eggnog Nails Are the Latest Milky Beverage to Hit Your Mani

Close up of an eggnog manicure against a white background

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The holidays are in full swing, and one thing we plan on having loads of fun with this season is our nails. After all, we can't think of a better time to go all out. And one of our favorite festive trends we've been seeing pop up on TikTok and Instagram is the eggnog nails. It's the perfect creamy, yellowish-white shade we can't get enough of. 

Whether you keep things simple with the solid color or go for a more opulent holiday design, you truly can't go wrong with this shade. We tapped two celebrity nail artists—Jenny Hart and Brittney Boyce—for their expert insights on all things eggnog nails. Just keep scrolling to find out all about the trend.

A hand with an eggnog-hued manicure

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What They Are

"The eggnog nail trend references the rich, creamy off-white and buttery vanilla color of a popular treat drink during the festive season," Hart tells us. Boyce adds that they can also be described as "a honey-toned tinted white nail polish." If you're a fan of eggnog on a crisp winter day (who isn't?), we're sure you're all too familiar with the unique hue.

How to Wear Them

While eggnog nails are geared toward the holiday season, we think they could work year-round. However, rocking them at holiday gatherings and winter getaways sparks joy in our souls. 

If you're unsure exactly how to wear them, Hart thinks they look best with almond-shaped nails, and we must agree. "Keep an eye out for this style to make an appearance on trendy fashion girls around the winter and holiday time," she adds. "It pairs beautifully with gold flakes and gold or warm-toned jewelry, but we're going into 2024, and mixed metals are always a yes." The combination of the milky hue paired with both silver and gold rings and bracelets is a recipe for a perfectly Instagrammable moment—trust.

If you're into more eye-catching nail art, it's all too easy to add some pop to this shade. "I personally would love to see it layered with a delicious glazed-donut chrome," shares Hart. "It truly is such a versatile color and can even be styled in a textured sweater nail design."

An eggnog white manicure with blue snowflake accent nails

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How to Get the Look

If you're DIY-ing the look with a regular polish and not gel, Boyce has some amazing advice for getting a salon-worthy mani. "Wash your hands, shape your nails, push back your cuticles if needed, and then lightly buff your nail bed," she instructs. "After that, I suggest you cleanse your nails with rubbing alcohol and wait for [it] to evaporate and dry fully. Then, apply one coat of base coat and two coats of color, and allow that portion to dry for two minutes. Lastly, apply one coat of top coat and allow it to dry for 20 minutes before applying cuticle oil."

Now that you know what eggnog nails are, let's move on to the fun part—our top shade picks. While there are tons of eggnog colors on the market, a few stand out thanks to their hues and long-lasting, pigmented formulations.

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