14 Colorful Eyeliner Ideas for a Vibrant Pop Around the Eyes

lime green eyeliner on rico nasty

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While black eyeliner is a go-to for many of us, there are so many other fun eyeliner shades to experiment with. From teal to magenta, colored eyeliner provides an easy way to spice up your makeup. You can add a subtle pop of color to your inner corner or create bold cat-eye looks—the possibilities are truly endless with colored eyeliner.

If you're ready to give vibrant liner looks a try, we've got you covered with tons of inspo. Ahead, find 14 examples of colored eyeliner that are fun and festive.

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Lime Green Lines

Lime green eyeliner look on Rico Nasty

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A lime green wing paired with a neon green inner corner makes for an incredibly eye-catching look (a vibe we're calling "matcha latte makeup"). To create your wing, makeup artist Steve Kassajikian suggests first drawing a line outward from the end of your lash. Then, flip the liner around and draw a line towards your lashes to create a V shape. Once the tail of the liner is created, you can fill it in and extend the line across the lash.

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Blue Wings

Blue wing eyeliner on makeup artist Steven

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For maximum contrast, keep the eyes subtle with a bronzy hue, and then add color with a blue wing. This look can be replicated with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils ($25) in shades Binge and Mucho Mucho.

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Turquoise Inner Wing

Blue inner corner eyeliner

 @isabelle.de.vries / instagram

Using a colored eye pencil or shadow stick, like ColourPop’s Shadow Stix ($8), to line just the inner corners of your eyes is an easy way to add vibrancy without going over the top. Makeup artist Isabelle De Vries recommends choosing a color that complements both your eye color and your outfit. 

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Baby Blue Wings

Blue top eyeliner on model

@pennyantuar / instagram

You will need a high-quality liner brush to recreate this beautiful blue wing. Australian hair and makeup artist Penny Antuar says, "The choice of liner brush is up to your preference. I like to use Rae Morris 14 Perfect Liner Brush ($41); it gives me a perfect line every time."

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Peachy Neon Wings

Neon orange cat eye on model

@pennyantuar / instagram

Antaur recommends using the same bronzer on your cheeks and eyes to achieve a monochrome base. Then, add a colored liner to your upper lashline, like NYX’s Vivid Brights Longwear Liquid Liner ($9) in the shade Papaya Mama.

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Electric Blue Liner

Dark blue eyeliner and eyeshadow on MUA priscilla ono

@priscillaono / instagram

If you really want to amp up the drama, might we suggest pairing a vibrant teal eyeshadow with an equally vibrant cobalt blue eyeliner? The multi-color eye look is beyond cool and unique.

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Dramatic Magenta Wings

Pink wing eyeliner on priscilla ono

@priscillaono / instagram

You're going to need a steady hand to recreate this exaggerated winged eyeliner that features not one but two colored eyeliner shades. If you're not confident in your skills, you can always "cheat" a bit with eyeliner tape.

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Soft Navy Liner

Blue under eyeliner on MUA jaleesa jaikaran

@jaleesajaikaran / instagram

The easiest way to look like you've put in effort? Smudge a bit of navy eyeliner on your lower lash line. You can use Elf Cosmetics' No Budge Matte Shadow Stick ($5) or Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eye Pencils ($25) to bring this liner look to life.

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White Space

White cut out eyeliner on actress ashley park

@makeupvincent / instagram

The beauty of eyeliner is that you can create interesting shapes. Case in point: Actress Ashley Park's white double-wing look. Make the look extra dramatic by pairing it with fluttery falsies.

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Lilac Liner

Lilac eyeliner on singer Jorja Smith

@beasweetbeauty / instagram

A matte lilac liner—like MAC's Colour Excess Gel Pencil Eye Liner ($23) in Commitment Issues—will instantly make your eyes pop. Use the pastel purple hue to create a thick cat eye and line your lower lash line.

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Two Toned Liner

Forest green and yellow eyeliner on actress yara shahidi

@makeupvincent / instagram

We always want to recreate Yara Shahidi's beauty looks. With this makeup look, the key is to pair two contrasting colored liner shades. Use a forest green liner on the top lash line to create a wing. Add an unexpected pop of color with a yellow liner underneath your lower lash line and near your inner corner.

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Smoky Navy Wings

Top blue eyeliner on actress storm reid

@stormreid / instagram

Colored eyeliner doesn't always mean vibrant neon hues. You can opt for something more muted, like Storm Reid, who used dark blue and white to accentuate her eyes. This thick cat eye is fairly easy to replicate, but if you mess up, don't worry. You can always use concealer or makeup remover on a liner brush to clean it up.

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Teal Lines

Blue circled eyeliner on model

@davidrazzano / instagram

Graphic eyeliner continues to trend, and we're here for it. The trick here is to apply a bit of liner right above the crease of your eye and right underneath your lash line. Use KVD Beauty's Super Pomade Eyeliner ($23) in Satellite Blue to achieve a smooth, vibrant look.

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Raised Cat Eye

Raised blue cat eye on singer justine skye

@justineskye / instagram

There's no rulebook that states a cat-eye can only be worn on your lash line. Creating a colorful cat-eye above your crease is an easy way to give a fresh twist to a classic look. If you don't want to use liquid liner to recreate this black-and-blue eye moment, use stickers. Paintlab's So Blue Eye Stickers ($10) are perfect for this.

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