19 Brown Nail Ideas For the Perfect Cozy Season Mani

Close up of a mismatched negative-space and French brown manicure

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In the era of yummy trends like strawberry makeup, cotton candy nails, and vanilla chai hair, social media's hunger for food-adjacent beauty is ever-growing. So naturally, we turned to the most crave-worthy treat of all to find our fall nail inspo: chocolate. The unofficial color of the cozy season, brown is a no-fail shade to add to your manicure lineup. Ahead, we've rounded up 19 chic brown nail ideas that will take you through autumn and beyond. Scroll on to find your next mani.

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Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Close up of an almond-shaped manicure with glossy chocolate nail polish

@amyle.nails / Instagram

Sleek and simple, almond-shaped nails with glossy brown polish will pair perfectly with your go-to sweater.

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Matte French

Close up of a matte manicure with brown French tips

@thehotblend / Instagram

If you're not ready to fully dive into brown nails, a dainty French manicure is the best way to test the waters without fully committing.

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Assorted Chocolates

Close up of a manicure in shades of brown

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate, we guarantee you'll eat this mani up.

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Close up of a manicure with two fingers polished in brown and two fingers polished half black, half brown

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Brown and black have long been kept apart, but this half-and-half design proves they complement each other flawlessly.

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Glossy Tips

Close up of a matte brown polish with glossy square tips

@glammertized / Instagram

These nails make us want a Hershey's bar real bad. Matte brown with glossy tips achieves just the right balance of subtle and statement-making.

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Just Leafy

Close up of a manicure in shades of brown with fall accents

@tiffanyabbigailebeauty / Instagram

Nothing is more quintessentially fall than leaves. This leafy manicure, with a base in shades of brown, can take you from September through November.

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Chrome, Calm, Collected

Close up of a bronze manicure against denim

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Chrome nails have been trending on NailTok all year, and this bronze mani is begging to be wrapped around a PSL.

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A Touch of Barbiecore

Close up of a glossy brown manicure with pink heart accents

@brownluxenails / Instagram

The brown base makes these sweet pink hearts really pop—for those who haven't quite let go of Barbiecore.

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Simple Latte

Close up of a glassy, latte-colored manicure

@soulinailsxo / Instagram

Latte nails, inspired by the beloved beverage, have been spotted on celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber—need we say more?

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Glossy Flowers

Close up of a brown matte manicure with glossy brown flowers

@nailartbyjen / Instagram

If your preferred season wavers between spring and fall, try this brown floral manicure—it's the best of both worlds.

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Femme Line Art

Close up of a matte brown manicure with silhouettes of the female form drawn in white polish

@truetonesstudio / Instagram

What better way to celebrate the female form than with hand-drawn silhouette nails?

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Teddy Bear French

Close up of a French manicure in very subtly different shades of brown

@disseynails / Instagram

Warm and fuzzy, this almond-shaped French manicure with dimensional tips reminds us of one trusty stuffed animal.

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Dramatic Half-and-Half

Close up of a half black, half cool-brown manicure

@aliciatnails / Instagram

Yet another example of brown and black's iconic duo status, this dramatic half-and-half manicure is perfectly proportional.

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Matte Assorted Chocolates

Close up of a matte assorted chocolates manicure

@pop_polished / Instagram

If a glossy set of assorted chocolates feels too bold, try a more subdued matte finish manicure.

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Leopard Lines

Close up of a brown manicure with leopard-print striped accent nails

@tiffanyabbigailebeauty / Instagram

An elevated leopard print paired with solid brown polish will have people stopping in their tracks to compliment your nails.

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Baby Blues

Close up of a manicure with brown tips outlined in blue

@overglowedit / Instagram

Brown and baby blue might just be our new favorite color combo, thanks to this chic and unique French mani.

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Ferrero Rocher

Close up of a brown manicure with one gold foil accent nail

@soulinailsxo / Instagram

We know—these nails look absolutely delicious. They're giving us major Ferrero Rocher vibes thanks to the touch of gold foil.

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Negative Space

Close up of a brown manicure featuring negative space nail art

@nails_and_soul / Instagram

If you're looking for a design with some groovy flair, this swirly negative space manicure is it.

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Matte Hearts

Matte brown nails with negative space heart details

@imarninails / Instagram

A clean and smooth matte brown mani (reminiscent of a certain chocolate hazelnut treat...) with cutout hearts really spreads the love.

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