We Finally Have Details on Beyoncé's Highly-Anticipated New Fragrance

The official scent of the Renaissance tour.

Beyoncé holding a silver perfume bottle


Despite what seems like a never-ending amount of celebrity beauty brands, there is one notable megastar who has yet to try her hand at the beauty business: Beyoncé. However, her latest post confirms that will no longer be the case.

On October 24, Queen B posted a black and white video to her Instagram, letting her hundreds of millions of fans know that a brand-new fragrance created by her is available for pre-order. She quietly teased the perfume on her website earlier this year, but up until now we had close to no information on what to expect.

The video started with an abstract, geometric bottle with a crescent-shaped cap hovering over a smoke-filled landscape. The bottle slowly rotated 360 degrees until it got to the front, where its name was revealed: Cé Noir. This marks Beyoncé's first fragrance in nearly 10 years, following Rise in 2014.

Immediately upon posting the news to her social media, information went live on her website, finally revealing some details about the notes, the ingredients, and when we can get our hands on it, plus exclusive photos confirming that she's been wearing the scent throughout her tour.

Cé Noir is a sweet, floral scent. There are base notes of woody Namibian myrrh and warm golden amber. At the heart of the fragrance are some floral notes to lighten it up, including rose absolute and jasmine sambac. On the top are the sweetest notes, with citrusy clementine and golden honey creating a sweet, citrusy, and slightly spicy aroma. 

Based on the photos attached to the website, the pop superstar has been wearing the scent since at least her Tampa Bay, Florida, performance—seeing as she was pictured spraying the bottle onto her silver dress, which debuted that night. However, there were also photos of Beyoncé's team giving out test strips to lucky concertgoers—so if you were approached at the Renaissance tour and were asked to smell a mysterious fragrance, this was most certainly it. This means a lucky few of you already know exactly what to expect when ordering.

Beyonce curling her hair in a vanity


This announcement also comes after the star teased a haircare brand a few months ago. On May 16, she posted a photo carousel getting ready in front of her giant vanity with a handful of unlabelled bottles and tubes. She followed that with a picture of her as a child getting her hair done and a note signed off with "I can't wait for you to experience what I've been creating." Hopefully details of the hair brand will shortly follow the perfume's reveal.

With the fragrance available for pre-order now—shipping in November—and her hair brand clearly closer than we can imagine, it's safe to assume Beyoncé will be taking over our beauty routines just as much as she's taken over our playlists.

Cé Noir is available for pre-order now on parfum.beyonce.com for $160.

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